The most important mission for CAB is to professionalize the track and field sport in Curaçao.
In order to accomplish this mission:

1. The federation is optimizing the championships organized;
2. It is investing in the world class successes of its current athletes;
3. It is working towards a dedicated fanbase;
4. It is bringing the local track and field heroes to the fans;
5. It is working on the human capital needed;
6. It is focusing on the youth as the foundation;
7. And, it is creating international opportunities for its athletes.

Financial support is therefore essential to accomplish all of the above mentioned.
CAB is looking for among others:

a. Marketing Sponsors
CAB believes in collaborative marketing efforts and offers the sponsors the opportunity to engage consumers on a local level that is unique in sports. CAB will work with the organization to integrate the marketing opportunity that can further the business brand’s objectives, while advancing CAB’s mission.

b. In-Kind and Pro-Bono Donations
The success of CAB’s mission and vision relies on the recognition and engagement of its supporters. The in-kind contributions, allows CAB to professionalize the sport. The pro-bono donations in the form of professional services, supports and helps CAB secure funding to further its mission.

c. Corporate Matching Programs
CAB can offer among other, activities and events to match the CSR of a company. The philanthropic support by both the company’s employees and the employees themselves is encouraged and the impact is enormous.

With the sponsoring and donations CAB is enabled to professionalize the support, educate, support, and empower the talented younger track and field generation.