“The success of the sport not only depends on the athlete’s performance,
but it also depends on the caring and selfless efforts of those behind the curtains, they are called VOLUNTEERS”-ZH-.

Throughout the athletic season, monthly competitions are organized, where all the local clubs register their athletes to compete. It’s always a two-day competition on the Fridays and Saturdays, where athletes from all age groups participate. The competition’s size depends on the type of competition that is organized. All track & field competitions consist of run, jump and throw events.

Run     Jump Throw
60m 80m 100m Long jump Ball throw
200m 400m 600m High jump Shotput
800m 1000m 1200m   Discuss throw
1500m 3000m 5000m   Javelin throw
5000m walk 60m hurdles 80m hurdles   Hammer throw
100m hurdles 110m hurdles 4x100m relay    
4x200m relay 4x400m relay      

The above mentioned competitions are organized by Curaçaose Atletiek Bond (CAB), but the local clubs are encouraged to organize their own competitions under guidance and supervision of CAB. For each competition we have approximately 45 volunteers spots, that need to be filled for the competition to run smoothly. Prior to the competition, each volunteer is assigned a specific task and responsibility for the day and volunteers work in shifts. Please register, to confirm the times. The tasks vary from technical tasks on the tracks as well as non-technical tasks.

Tasks RUN Events

  • Place hurdles on track
  • Remove hurdles from track
  • Act as a liaison between timing booth and starter
  • Direct athletes off the track
  • Ensure athletes are in the correct lane before start

Tasks JUMP Events

  • Record results
  • Place and reset bar after each athlete’s jump
  • Line-up athletes
  • Measure and record jumps
  • Rake sand-pit
  • Act as a liaison between timing booth and official

Tasks JUMP Events

  • Act as a liaison between timing booth and official
  • Line-up athletes
  • Measure distance of throws
  • Record result

Non-Technical Tasks

  • Food and beverage
  • Check in/check out volunteers
  • Set-up, take-down, and clean-up after event


Do you want to be part of our success and elevate the track & field sport in Curaçao?

Are you:

  • Committed
  • Enthusiastic
  • Multitasker
  • Patient

What we offer:

  • A great learning experience, where you can develop new organizational and personal skills.
  • Free volunteer’s training and courses based on the different areas of the track & field sport.
  • An inspiring sporty environment with other friendly volunteers.
  • Food & Beverage

What to bring:

  • Volunteers should wear a hat and put on sunscreen

Register or send us an email with your questions!