It was a historic moment for the Curaçao track and field,

when during the World Championships 2019 in DOHA seven (7) track and field athletes from Curaçao competed in the Dutch national team. And during the TOKYO Olympic games 2021, six (6) Curaçao athletes, of whom three, won a silver medal.

Curaçao has a source of talents to draw on. And most of the above-mentioned talents, started on the island with the local track and field clubs and participated in the Caribbean tournaments, such as CARIFTA and CAC. These talents were discovered and were guided during their younger years. Therefor it is essential to concentrate on those activities that make a difference and have an impact. Collaboration is essential for the success of this innovative thinking.

Our Athletics

Nos Atletismo (Our athletics) is a slogan, which helps all who in one way or the other, is involved in track and field in Curaçao, to collaborate and believe that this sport can be taken, together, to a higher level. It starts with being ambitious, authentic, energetic, and being close. The ambition is that all who is involved in track and field in Curaçao, live up to the slogan.


Good to Better

There is a visible upward trend in track and field in Curaçao. And this has been made possible by all the members, athletes, clubs, volunteers, competition organizers, and partners. Only with their ambition and energy is it possible to make track and field in Curaçao going from good to better.


Human Capital

The potential value of track and field, lies in the talented human capital in Curaçao. It’s not only the athlete, but also the trainers, board members of the different local clubs, officials, strategic partners, who are all the engine of this sport and its innovations. This can only be successful when recruiting, guiding, supporting and preserving these talents.


Youth as a Foundation

The younger generation is the foundation of the track and field in Curaçao. Therefore, it is important to make sure that track and field in Curaçao is safe, nice and responsible to tie these youngsters to. It starts with investing in youth trainers on each level of this sport and connect them with this target group. By making the top sport success visible to these youngsters they, are also more prone to stay and train with the clubs.


Optimal Competitions

Each athlete needs to be able to participate in a competition on his/her level. Therefore, the offered competitions are of high level. And by investing in talent development, high level/international track and field competitions can be organized in Curaçao.

Global success

As was mentioned earlier, all the athletes competing and having a global success, contributes to the feeling of track and field being ours. Nos Atletismo (Our Atletics), strengthens, inspires, and stimulates all, to contribute to the success of the younger generation. By investing in good coaches, and by making the route to success visible, it gives the Curaçao track and field the spotlight it needs.