Curaçao Athletics Federation sends a national team to international competitions. Each year this team consists of individual athletes who can compete in Jump, Run and Throw events.

Point of departure:

  1. The Curaçao athlete needs to have a significant chance of getting through to the final rounds, finals, or decisive match phases of the relevant competition.
  2. A position among the best eight (8) participants is used.

The qualification requirements are based on:

  1. The analysis of the performance and patterns in recent comparable competitions.
  2. The way in which these performances relate to the qualification requirements and qualification moments.
  3. Seasonal planning and periodization are considered, where possible.

Terms and conditions:

Athletes are eligible to be send to international competitions if they meet the following criteria’s:

  1. The athlete is, through a club, member of Curaçao Athletics Federation.
  2. The athlete must have Dutch nationality.
  3. The athlete met all international and national qualifications, within the set period.
  4. The delivered performances meet all applicable regulatory requirements of World Athletics and NACAC.
  5. The athlete signed an agreement with the Federation.
  6. The athlete has a positive evaluation

Qualification standard CARIFTA

Qualification standard NACAC-Age group

There are three qualification moments during local competitions. The total points of the best two are added, and the top two, qualifies. These counts for both female and male athletes in the U-13 and U-15 group.

For more information please refer to the document “Kwalificatie Eisen en procedures internationale evenementen” which has detailed information on this matter. Contact your club for this document.