Erwin Martis


Mr. Martis entered FDOK’s Hall of Fame in 2020. His interest in the track & field sport started in 1972, when visiting the Rif stadium with a his friend, just to watch the training of the Olympic Club.

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Wendell Prince


Mr. Prince’s love and passion for track & field started when he was twelve years old. He was a sprint athlete, and with his 19 years he specialized in coaching. In 2016 he entered FDOK’s Hall of Fame. 

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Anthony Minguel


In 2014 Mr. Minguel entered FDOK’s Hall of Fame. He practiced as a seventeen-year-old, the athletics sport of throwing. In his thirties he made a switch and became a coach and was since then more actively involved. 

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Henry Prince


Mr. Prince entered FDOK’s Hall of Fame in 1994. He was an athlete specialized in long jump and in his late twenties he started his career as a board member in track and field federation.

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Julio Rooi


Mr. Rooi was the first track & field athlete to enter FDOK’s Hall of Fame. He also practiced baseball, soccer, boxing and domino. He was known for his achievements made in the athletics sport of throwing and high jump.

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